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Multimedia Design


Long story short

I am a 29 year old guy from Denmark, located in the city of K√łge at the time being. I'm an enthustiastic webdesigner in the making, currently doing my AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Communication at the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology - expecting to graduate in 2017. I plan to further add a top-up bachelor's degree afterwards.


My expertise lies in logo design and graphics, webdesign and -coding, and especially branding and concept-development.


I need an internship for the spring of 2017. If you or your company are looking for an avid learner, a creative designer and skilful innovator - do consider me as your new lackey.

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Project Management



Send a message my way, and I'll get back to you ASAP.


First steps

SEP 2015 This was the first group project I faced in my education. The task was simple: we were to develop a coherent website from a rudimentray understanding of target groups. The website we produced for an imagined coffee distributor, was targeted towards coffee enthusiasts and focused on the luxery, the sensory qualities and implicitly the sensual aspects of enjoying a good cup of coffee. The images, colour palette and video-background underlined this. My part in this project was as a programmer, idea-developer and in designing the logo. Go to website



DEC 2015 In this group project we had a real-life customer in the form of a LARP store. We developed a business plan and redesigned the current website, producing a new one with an integrated webshop - possessing a strong concept and a clear visual style. We made an intuitive, modern site that implemented the current design trends, but kept the imagination and immersion of another world through a pseudo-realistic visual stile and low fantasy-inspirered textures. We furthermore established social medias and a forum to help our segment into the community that LARPing offers. My roles in this project was organisor, idea-developer, head-designer and coding/Photoshop-specialist. My keen eye for detail, my ability to think outside the box and my perfectionism really benefitted this project. Go to website

Regal Waters

Branding and Marketing

NOV 2015 In this branding-oriented group project our imaginary client was a new start-up company that wanted to sell bottled water. We developed labels for bottles, a full website and implementation of the concept on other digital platforms. Our concept was to signal beauty, elegance and health - and to motivate caring and compassion. Our special and unique bottles was aimed towards the wealthier consumer, with a percentage of the profits going to areas with serious water issues. My part in this project was mainly as an organizor, idea-developer and as a visual designer: I designed the logo and the bottle featured on the website. Go to website

Fogt Rejser

Stress test

JAN 2016 This is the result of an 48-hour exam, where I single-handedly had to redesign the website for an existing travel company, Fogt Rejser. I had to develop a new strong concept and immensely improve the user experience of the site. I did some quick research, ran a few usability tests and came up with this concept: "Fogt Travels offers the complete experience to the mature audience, with the relaxing and social vacation of your dreams". In this project I had to do everything myself, which included target group analysis, conceptualization, developing a business model and finally visually developing and programming the website. Go to website


The whole package

JUN 2016 This has been our biggest group project as of yet. Our real-life customer was DanKurs, a consulting firm that offers Danish language courses for immigrants, which needed help analysing the market, developing a marketing strategy and a new visual style, and a website for the company. We furthermore had to develop a concept that demonstrated how digital medias could support the company and their core product - education. Our concept for DanKurs was summarized in the keywords effectivity, flexibility, integration and sense of security. I was part in almost every proces in this project, but mainly functioned as an organizor, idea-developer and visual designer. Once again, I programmed the majority of the website. Go to website


Promoting a band

APR 2016 In this group project our real-life client was a hiphop cover-band called Con-Tribute, for whom we developed a coherent marketing strategi, a visual identity, a Wordpress-based website and a promotional video. We accomplished the task of marketing the band using the SOSTAC-model, which is excellent for an already established brand, followed by the AIDAS sales-model to assess how we would promote them. We came up with three keywords that really captured their essense: urban, juvenile and hip-rock (hip-hop with a rock-vibe). My part in this project was mainly as an organizor, idea-developer, programming specialist and as a visual designer; designing the logo and realizing the majority of the website. Go to website